Do You Have Approach Anxiety in Business?

by Madonna on March 17, 2013

Approach anxiety cripples small business performance

Approach anxiety cripples small business performance

When I started my first and my second business I was plagued with approach anxiety, not a very empowering place from which to launch a small business.  But the market was very different then and I was able to survive and indeed thrive.  Today’s marketplace dictates a very different business methodology.  Today we are required to employ relationship developing strategies in order to build a business.   It is no wonder then, that approach anxiety has become  a very common issue for solopreneurs and particularly for the female variety.

The term approach anxiety generally applies to men feeling  anxiety and reluctance to ask a woman out on a date, because they think they might face the dreaded  rejection, but the term now applies equally to small business owners.  As more and more people become business owners without a storefront, and have very small marketing budgets, they are forced to become more proactive at self promotion and marketing.

Some business owners do manage to bypass the need for one on one business approaches by blogging, tweeting  and using other forms of social media to their advantage.  This works for many solopreneurs but it depends on the nature of the business.  Unfortunately, there are many industries in which this approach has severe limitations and real live human beings must be approached and engaged with personally.

Approach anxiety in business can take many forms.  You can tell if you have it if you are not making those follow up calls, you would rather chew off your right arm than make a cold call, you don’t  ask for the sale, you fail to mention your product or service when an opportunity is presented,  or you hold back from asking for a meeting or a presentation.  You have approach anxiety in business when you constantly give in to that nagging, critical voice which makes you hesitate and leads to holding back when you could have stepped up.

So, what is the real reason for approach anxiety in business?  The most common response is fear of rejection, but that’s not it.  That’s’ surface stuff.  Some inexperienced solopreneurs claim  that they feel like a fraud, while others report that their programs are not ready yet, their website needs work or worse still, that the other person would not need or want their product or service.  Mindreading, I call that. It’s extremely common. All of that is also surface stuff because it still comes back to fear of rejection, doesn’t it?

Or does it? Fear of rejection is not the reason we are reluctant to put ourselves on the line and take the risk, even though it is commonly thought to be the case and I’ll tell you why.  As human beings, we project all of our thoughts and our beliefs onto others.  Fear of rejection from others  is no more than our own limiting self judgement projected outwards.

Ever wondered why some people do not fear rejection at all? It’s simple. They are in complete alignment with their ability to successfully come up with the goods.  You see, the degree to which we fear rejection is the same as the degree to which we judge ourselves as being limited in some area.  So, the best way to overcome approach anxiety in business is to build your self esteem, improve your self image and stop telling yourself negative and limiting stories which hinder your performance and keep you fearful of approaching the very people who need your product or service.

Easier said than done?  Not sure where to start?

If you’ve realised  that you do have approach anxiety in your business and you’d like the fast track approach, let me show you how you could be 90 minutes away from looking forward to approaching prospects instead of being fearful of them.  Would that make a difference to your business?


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