I Hate Cold Calling

by Madonna on December 22, 2012

I used to say that I’d rather chew off my right arm than make a cold call, but that was in the days when the only tools I had at my disposal were willpower and self talk.

How many of you honestly hate cold calling?  Most people seem to and usually for very similar reasons.

Logically, the benefits of being able to cold call far outweigh the negatives.  After all, our reluctance is only a feeling isn’t it?  And feelings can’t kill us, right?

Why we hate cold calling

Why then, do we hate making those cold calls?  Some of us even hate making follow up calls or calling leads where the prospect has actually opted in and has virtually given you permission to call.

The Fear of Rejection is one of the main reasons we hate to cold call.  If we don’t ask for something, then our offer can’t be rejected, can it?  We all want to be accepted.  It feels good to be included; it feels safe. Our tribal instinct is also still quite strong despite the fact that we no longer live in tribes.  To our primordial brain, rejection by the tribe means death.  No wonder you feel so reluctant to pick up that phone and put yourself on the line to be rejected.  No wonder you think you hate cold calling.

Worrying what others think of us is another reason we hate making cold calls.  If we promote our own business or ourselves people might think we are big headed.  Perhaps they’ll think we are like a pushy, sleazy car salesman.  The fear of sounding stupid is actually an incredibly strong factor that creates an aversion to cold calling. These are only the top three factors.   Given the multitude of others, no wonder you avoid making those calls.

Outdated cold calling solutions

Up until now the only way we could force ourselves to cold call was through a combination of willpower and self talk.  Willpower is dead.  Self talk is dead.  You might have noticed that you can coerce yourself with willpower and self talk for a time, but honestly, how long does it last?  Even if you do force yourself to make a few calls, you still hate doing it, don’t you?

The reason for this is quite simple.  You hate making cold calls because of the way it makes you feel and self talk and willpower are mental activities that have limited and short lived success with changing  your emotions.

Cold calling makes you feel mighty uncomfortable and most of us are not prepared to tolerate that level of discomfort for too long.

I know that you need to make those calls.  I know that you actually want to make those calls.  I also know that making those calls could make you a lot richer and position you as a leader in your field.  And I know that you know it. You also understand that you won’t die if someone says ‘No’ to you, although it might feel like it.

So, if you know all this in your head, why can’t you pick up that phone?  Because you haven’t yet found a way to change the way cold calling makes you feel.

How to stop hating cold calling

What if there was a way to change both the thought and the feeling? What if there was something you could do to stop hating cold calling, so you felt better about it?  Do you think that would eliminate the reluctance to pick up that phone?  Would you be interested in learning more about that?

Now there is such a technique that changes how you think and feel within minutes.  I call it the Thought Zapper.  It does not rely on motivation, inspiration, willpower or self talk.  This is a game changer.   Check it out.  After one consultation, I’ve had clients say to me, ‘I can’t believe I ever felt like that before,’  and ‘How silly to think I’d be bothering them if I called them.’  So many clients laugh at how they perceived cold calling before.  Check out what some of them have said.

Imagine how much more money you could make in your business if you didn’t have that awful reluctance to call prospects?

I do not and never have subscribed to the belief that you should feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s so out dated and unnecessary.  How many of us actually push ourselves to do that anyway?

I no longer hate cold calling.  My clients have stopped hating cold calling.  Some actually love it.

You could feel the same way if you learned how to use the Thought Zapper.   

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Madonna Robinson

Madonna works with network marketers, salespeople and home based business owners to help them develop the mindset required to become successful in business. She teaches them how to access the 'energy' behind the barriers to their success so they can make more money more quickly. Madonna Robinson is a Personal Development Consultant and Mindset Specialist, has degrees and diplomas plastered all over her wall, but all you need to know is that if something is blocking your business success she will teach you how to unblock it. She is available for consultations on the phone worldwide because energy is energy and not location specific. If you don't know how to access and use energy techniques, you are missing out big time. Contact her now.

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