If You Are in Business You Are in Sales

by Madonna on May 28, 2013

SalesA good friend of mine (let’s call her Sally) has a home based business in essential oils.  She regularly hosts parties in her home.  To prepare for these, she cleans and spruces up the house, bakes for hours and uses her own products (which do not come cheap) to demonstrate.  She freely shares the knowledge she spent a decade learning.  And for all this she charges nothing. She hopes that her prospects will see the amazing benefits of essential oils and either sign up as distributors or at least purchase copious quantities of her precious oils.

The truth is this rarely happens.  The guests have a wonderful time, enjoy the homemade cakes and freshly brewed coffee, learn a great deal about the powers of essential oils and leave, having purchased a bottle of lavender oil at wholesale price.

Sally is left stunned, every time.  What has gone wrong here? Not one of the prospects realised her vision of a home based business and the sales didn’t amount to anything.

Why didn’t they get it?

They didn’t get it because there was nothing to get.

Sally doesn’t know how to sell.  She really needs some sales training.  But her upline told her that she didn’t have to sell. “All you have to do is to show these wonderful oils and they sell themselves.”

Yeah right.

Sally hates selling.  She is afraid to come across like a pushy salesperson.  It’s interesting that most people only see the two extremes when it comes to selling.  You’re either pushy, which turns most people off or passive like Sally,  where you show the product and hope for the best.

But there is a middle position. You do not have to pushy to sell, but there are some vital aspects of sales techniques that you need to learn.  The reason for that is buyer resistance.  Buyer resistance is the reluctance and hesitation to purchase.  Most of us hate to make mistakes and this is especially true when it comes to sales.  Buyer resistance is even stronger for goods and services that the customer needs rather than wants.

Most of us have little buyer resistance to that stunning pair of shoes, but a great deal to having our carpets cleaned or engaging a business coach.  Why?  Because what we need is rarely as exciting as what we want. That’s a simple fact of life.  And that’s why Sally needs some sales techniques like asking the right questions to flush out objections, uncover needs and priorities, and to qualify prospects.  If Sally doesn’t soon learn some sales strategies, the home based business she loves will stall and go into freefall.

Remember, if you are in business, you are in sales.  If you are a solopreneur then straight sales training might not be for you.  Soloprenurs often have reluctance around selling because they have many preconceived notions that limit their ability to sell themselves, their goods or their services.

If you are making the same mistakes as Sally, then it might be time to rethink your current strategy or lack of it.  If you want to improve your sales technique and make more money, then it’s time to adopt a more productive approach.  Contact me to find out more about Sales Coaching for Solopreneurs.  You owe it to those who actually need and are looking for what you have to offer.

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Madonna Robinson

Madonna works with network marketers, salespeople and home based business owners to help them develop the mindset required to become successful in business. She teaches them how to access the 'energy' behind the barriers to their success so they can make more money more quickly. Madonna Robinson is a Personal Development Consultant and Mindset Specialist, has degrees and diplomas plastered all over her wall, but all you need to know is that if something is blocking your business success she will teach you how to unblock it. She is available for consultations on the phone worldwide because energy is energy and not location specific. If you don't know how to access and use energy techniques, you are missing out big time. Contact her now.

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