It’s Not All Smoke and Mirrors

by Madonna on March 6, 2013

Smoke and MirrorsI help people shifts the blocks and barriers in their lives that hinder performance. Whether it is with call reluctance, procrastination or even their self esteem, the end result is the same, a more developed sense of self, a greater freedom to be who they are and more success in their lives.

But when I tell people that I work with energy and not the conscious mind, I get mixed reactions.  Those who understand that energy work is the next frontier in personal development, success, and physical and emotional wellbeing are interested and delighted. Those who have not yet been exposed to the concept before think it is all smoke and mirrors.

But is it?  The Chinese have been using the energy system to improve health for thousands of years.  Acupuncture is now pretty widely accepted in the western world, so much so, that it is now covered by private health insurance in many countries.

I often refer to the human mind as a steel trap and my own mind is no exception.  Once an idea gets in to the mind and generally accepted it is often quite difficult to change.  The majority of people in the world today still believe that change has to be long and painful or at least slow.  That is no longer true, especially if you deal with the energy system and not the conscious mind.

The scientists are in agreement. There is no doubt that EVERYTHING on the planet is energy. So, doesn’t it stand to reason that if you can find a way to manipulate (and don’t get bogged down on that word) energy then you have a technique that can facilitate change easily and quickly?

Using the energy system in preference to working with the conscious mind gets results that are deeper and much more effective than any ‘self talk’ or indeed any other cognitive methods like inspirational or motivational talks. While these type of approaches have been quite useful in the past and still do affect change in many people, their effects are often not long lasting, much more gradual and tend to wane very quickly once  confronted with ‘reality’ again.

The reason for this is simple.  Cognitive approaches require the cooperation of the conscious mind to be effective, and it is quite difficult to permanently change a mind or let go of a block with words or thoughts only.  Energy techniques do not require the cooperation of the conscious mind.  The techniques perform the job automatically.

Now, how does that work?  Let’s say for example I am procrastinating over writing that blog post or making that business call.  I could add it to my diary and tell myself why it should be done.  I could agonise and feel guilty over it for days.  I could give myself a strong pep talk, call my business coach or pick up a motivational book to find some inspiration.  I could tell myself a few horror stories as to what will happen if I continue to procrastinate or worse still, I could beat myself up mentally and feel so guilty or pathetic that I will be forced to take action.

All of that is hard work and very energy draining, but instead of all that stress I could simply tap on a few parts of my upper body while talking about what I’m procrastinating over and in a few minutes be ready, willing and able to complete the task.  And I could then perform it with enthusiasm and a renewed passion. I know.  It sounds like smoke and mirrors, doesn’t it?  Ah, but remember that once everyone thought the world was flat.

Now which method of affecting change seems easier and preferable to you?  Yes, it’s a no brainer really.

So, the next time you hear of someone who works with energy, instead of shrugging them off as some half crazed, tree hugging loony, prick up your ears and listen, open up that steel trap of a mind and be prepared for some real changes in your life.  And fast.

If you are interested in learning more about how energy techniques can excellerate changes in your life, join me on one or both of my Facebook pages.  And feel free to ask questions.  Happy tapping.




Madonna Robinson

Madonna works with network marketers, salespeople and home based business owners to help them develop the mindset required to become successful in business. She teaches them how to access the 'energy' behind the barriers to their success so they can make more money more quickly. Madonna Robinson is a Personal Development Consultant and Mindset Specialist, has degrees and diplomas plastered all over her wall, but all you need to know is that if something is blocking your business success she will teach you how to unblock it. She is available for consultations on the phone worldwide because energy is energy and not location specific. If you don't know how to access and use energy techniques, you are missing out big time. Contact her now.

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