‘Before my session with Madonna today I was completely freaked out about the mere thought of making cold/follow up calls with potential product and business prospects; to the point where I felt physically sick in the stomach and this was truly crippling my ability to build a genuine business.

I am SO excited about the potential she has unleashed for me in just one  session and I am actually now looking forward to connecting with potential prospects and know that I can do so with complete confidence. I had previously been taught to ‘accept the fear and just do it anyway’ but I no longer need to do that.
I absolutely recommend Madonna to ANYONE who needs to make any kind of sales calls in their business – the breakthroughs will be HUGE for you – as they were for me!!
Thank you SO much Madonna xx”
Amber Beath
Network Marketer


“I was completely petrified to pick up the phone and call prospective clients.
I was scared  that I would be rejected. I would feel nauseated, sweaty, nervous and would get a massive headache to boot.

That was yesterday! Today after one session  with Madonna the pressure and anxiety I felt has disappeared. 

I am amazed at how effective the Thought Zapper is and how quickly it begins to work and have an impact on your thoughts and feelings. I now feel equipped to face anything. And I know that I will never fear calling prospects again. I have the tools I need to push forward with confidence and ease. My business will dramatically improve using this “secret weapon.” 
Thank you Madonna for showing me how to have it all.”

Karen Stevens – www.karenstevens.com.au
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your health.


“If you want to get past all those nagging thoughts and insecurities when it comes to any area of your business – not just cold calling – then I would highly suggest that you get in contact with Madonna Robinson.

 You can easily apply her technique over and over as often as needed – knowing the impact and that it works.

The amazing thing is that this technique – as simple as it was to use – honestly made me feel that a huge weight had been lifted. 

It gives you the confidence to go ahead and do what you know you can do – without those naysaying thoughts interfering. I went ahead and made a cold call this morning – but this time without those thoughts and those fears. I did it, and I look forward to doing it again.

What delights me is the possibility that I can use this same technique to remove numerous obstacles I’ve allowed to block my own progress and self-fulfillment.

Thanks heaps – and I would recommend her to anyone!”

Kate Ryan-Taylor
Business Owner, Trainer & Mentor



“Thanks so much Madonna for the session I had with you. I was totally freaked about the idea of getting on the phone and cold calling: even a warm call took a lot for me to pick up the phone. This has really been slowing down the building of my business. Now I feel free of that ridiculous fear and now I can also clear any other fear that stops me moving. I can’t wait to pick up the phone and share with the world what I’m doing and how I can help them. Thank you for giving me the courage and strength to move forward, this is going to make so much difference to me to my business.


Andrea Putting – Spiritual Business Coach



“Good morning Madonna, 

Thank you so much for a wonderful session. Your way of approaching call reluctance really helped me drill down and get rid of a number of major barriers which I hadn’t previously recognised.

The technique you’ve taught me has come in very handy in dealing with life in general.

The idea of cold calling, which used to make me fearful, now makes me smile! I would recommend to anyone to give your technique a try. You have taught me a life skill!”

Tracey McLeod – Homestylist


Find out how easy and quick it could be to overcome your call reluctance with this package.

Madonna Robinson

Madonna works with network marketers, salespeople and home based business owners to help them develop the mindset required to become successful in business. She teaches them how to access the 'energy' behind the barriers to their success so they can make more money more quickly. Madonna Robinson is a Personal Development Consultant and Mindset Specialist, has degrees and diplomas plastered all over her wall, but all you need to know is that if something is blocking your business success she will teach you how to unblock it. She is available for consultations on the phone worldwide because energy is energy and not location specific. If you don't know how to access and use energy techniques, you are missing out big time. Contact her now.