The Problem with Call Reluctance

by Madonna on October 19, 2012

What is Call ReluctanceCall reluctance is a weird problem when you think of it.  What actually is it?  Call reluctance is the aversion to picking up the phone in order to make contact with a prospective client or an existing customer.  The reluctance can relate to cold calling, warm calling or follow up calls.

Cold calling is the process of approaching prospective customers or clients, who were not expecting such an interaction and it is usually the start of a sales process.

Warm calling is the process of calling a prospective customer or client who has actually agreed in some way for the contact to take place or demonstrated previous interest in the product or service.

Follow up calls are similar to warm calls in that the person being called has had previous interaction with the caller.

Call reluctance is the unwillingness and subsequent aversion to making any business calls, especially those who fit into the above categories.

Call reluctance is a massive problem for business for a number of reasons;

  • It is hard to generate new business

Generating new business costs time and money because the results of traditional advertising and marketing often don’t stack up.  We buy from people we know and trust. Call reluctance sabotages the relationship building process that we are coming to expect before we spend our money today.

  •  It is difficult to service existing clients

It is easier to sell to an existing client than to connect and convert new ones.  If you don’t regularly check in with existing or past clients you could both be missing out on a valuable opportunity to reconnect.

  •  It creates anxiety and stress

All avoidance creates stress.  We all know that every task avoided becomes a bigger issue as time goes on and more difficult to complete.  The Mind Monster also has more time to generate horror stories around the possible negative outcomes that connecting with another human being could create.

  •   Time and money are both casualties of call reluctance

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that if you are not generating new business in sufficient quantity then your business is on the way to going broke.

Sorry to use such a well worn cliché, but ‘Time is Money’ and if you are procrastinating about contacting prospects you are wasting time and money.

  • Genuine leads are often wasted

Not all leads will be either genuine of profitable, but not following up on leads is like throwing money away.  I have found that some of my best clients have turned out to be those who I initially decided would not be interested in my service.  That was before I realized the problem with making assumptions.  I have now abandoned mind reading as a business strategy and assume that all business or sales people are potential clients.

  •   Massive staff turnover also costs money.

There is a tremendous waste associated with staff turnover and nowhere is it higher than in sales and this is across all industry sectors.  It seems that human nature in the form of fears and assumptions often win out over the profit to be made from connecting with others.

It is evident that call reluctance is very much alive and well in business today.  It is a massive problem resulting in the loss of millions if not billions of dollars every day.  Don’t let your business became a casualty.  It is actually easy to overcome call reluctance if you have the right tools. The right tools do not involve any call to action which asks you to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’  That is such an out dated approach which has a very limited success rate.

If you are still trying to overcome your sales reluctance with willpower and pushing through your fears, you might as well be sending smoke signals instead of using your IPhone.  Why not learn more about the Thought Zapper and overcome your call reluctance the easy way or download the free Ebook on this page and start generating the income you deserve.


Madonna Robinson

Madonna works with network marketers, salespeople and home based business owners to help them develop the mindset required to become successful in business. She teaches them how to access the 'energy' behind the barriers to their success so they can make more money more quickly. Madonna Robinson is a Personal Development Consultant and Mindset Specialist, has degrees and diplomas plastered all over her wall, but all you need to know is that if something is blocking your business success she will teach you how to unblock it. She is available for consultations on the phone worldwide because energy is energy and not location specific. If you don't know how to access and use energy techniques, you are missing out big time. Contact her now.

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